Lee Hye-ri to make a super-fast comeback after “Moonshine” playing the female lead in “Ildangbaek Butler”

Actress Lee Hye-ri will make a rapid comeback with the main character role in “Ildangbaek Butler”.


An official from the entertainment industry to Sports Chosun on March 17th, “Hye-ri will play the main character in MBC’s new drama ‘Ildangbaek Butler’ (written by Lee Sun-hye, directed by Shim So-yeon)”. “Ildangbaek Butler” tells about butler Kim, who runs errands starting at 100 won per work, and Baek Dong-ju, a funeral instructor who grants wishes of the dead running “Ildangbaek”, a daily errand company. 

In this drama, Hye-ri will appear as the funeral instructor Baek Dong-ju. Baek Dong-ju is a character that has a sparkling and refreshing personality, and seems to be soft like the early spring but is actually stronger and tougher than anyone else.


She might look ignorant, but she does not ignore everything. This tough girl has been playing table tennis since she was 8 years old. After becoming a funeral instructor, she realizes that she has a strange ability.

That is being able to talk to the dead. As soon as the warmth of her hands touches the deceased’s face, the deceased returns to life for a moment and talks to her with a flash of light and tingling signals as if a switch was turned on. Dong-ju will faithfully accept the last request of the deceased.


Hye-ri received favorable reviews from the viewers by successfully completing her recently aired romance-historical drama “Moonshine”. She is an actress who has transformed herself with new images through “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”, “Miss Lee”, etc., and hit the jackpot with her performance in “Reply 1988”. As a result, the viewers are paying attention to what kind of charms she will show through “Ildangbaek Butler”.

Ildangbaek Butler” is expected to air in July after drama “Showtime” ends.

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