Lee Dong Hwi explains why he didn’t wear makeup while filming the upcoming movie “Maybe We Broke Up” 

Actor Lee Dong Hwi confessed why he didn’t put on makeup as much as possible when he was filming “Maybe We Broke Up”. 

On the morning of February 1st, a press conference for the movie “Maybe We Broke Up” was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Director Hyung Seul Woo, actors Lee Dong Hwi, Kang Gil Woo, and Jung Da Eun attended the event. Jung Eun Chae could not attend due to an overseas schedule.

Lee Dong-hwi

“Maybe We Broke Up” depicts how two loved ones become strangers. Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Eun Chae took on the roles of Jun Ho and Ah Young, who broke up after dating for a long time from college students in their 20s to their 30s.

In the film, Lee Dong Hwi appears bare-faced with almost no makeup. Regarding this, he said, “At some point, I started to not be able to stand myself appearing with makeup on. If your eyebrows are drawn beautifully or your lips are tinted when you’re not in a situation like that at all, you’ll feel compulsion. As I entered the filming, I decided to not put on makeup as much as I could.

Lee Dong-hwi

He added, “It’s good to feel comfortable like that, but while watching the film, I sometimes skip the scenes where I come out because I wonder how I got to that point,” drawing laughter.

“Maybe We Broke Up” will be released in theaters nationwide on February 8th.

Source: Wikitree

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