Korean stars who capture the essence of their physically ill characters

These actors are showing another spectrum of acting performances by bringing feeble characters to life. 

Kim Hieora

Kim Hieora has been receiving praise for her acting performance on “The Glory.” The actress brought to life a Lee Sa Ra by capturing the drowsy gazes and floaty behaviors of her character. To do this, actress Kim has to spend a period observing real drug addicts and getting familiar with smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks. She also had to go through a strict diet for her role.  

kim hieora
kim hieora

Jung Kyung Ho

In “Crash Course in Romance,” Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) is a math instructor with brains but without brawn. This is no accident when, in the past, Choi Chi Yeol had to go through a period of poverty, partially explaining why he looks much more feeble than he is. 

However, thanks to this appearance, it creates interesting dynamics with Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon). 

Lee Yoo Mi 

In “All of Us Are Dead,” Lee Yoo Mi has to drop a lot of weight to look her part as a wealthy and arrogant student who has a bony appearance. This is to show the harsh environment of her upbringing as well as her cold personality and meanness. 

While the audience hates her character to the bone, they admitted that Yoo Mi did the role so well they could not imagine anyone else taking the role.

Lee Dong Wook

To play the role of a feeble, ashen guardian mountain spirit who suffers a lingering pain, Lee Dong Wook has to lose some weight and puts on a somber expression so that Lee Yeon and him can become one. And the actor was successful in doing so. Lee Yeon has to endure much pain and Lee Dong Wook brought that to life. 

Kim Jae Wook

Mo Tae Goo from “Voice” is a haunting character perfectly conveyed through minute gestures. He manages to bring horror with a smirk, a gaze and the diction of the character. Thanks to his portrayal of a twisted psychopath, Kim Jae Wook soon received much attention and is having a main role of his own. 


Kim Ji Hoon

As Baek Hee Sung in “Flower of Evil,” Kim Ji Hoon perfectly conveys the devitalized appearance of a man waking up from a coma due to an accident. His drowsy look and lifeless expression helps show a realistic scene of a person barely recovering from a traumatic collusion. 

More notably, as Kim Ji Hoon is usually known for his buff and muscular image, the actor’s frail physical appearance attracted much attention for how dedicated the actor is to his role. 

Source: Dienanh 

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