Korean actress in her 40s “severely injured” by violent husband, their child witnessed the entire thing

A Korean actress in her 40s was stabbed with a knife by her husband in front of her house.

On June 14th, the Yongsan Seoul Police Station arrested a man in his 30s with charges of attempted murder. This man (from now on referred to as “Person A”), was accused of trying to kill his wife (from now on referred to as “Person B”) with a knife, right in front of her house in Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, around 8.40 am of the same day. 


According to police investigation, Person A committed the crime after purchasing a weapon in the morning and waiting in front of his wife’s house until she came out. 

Person B is an actress in her 40s, who is currently separated from her husband due to a temporary restriction order following suspicion of domestic violence. After the assault, she was stabbed in the neck, and was transferred to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment. The wound was fortunately not life-threatening. 

Meanwhile, Person A tried to take his own life after the attack, while one child of the couple witnessed the entire scene. 


Many people were shocked when they heard of the attempted murder, which committed right in front of the couple’s child. Speculations are also being made on who the actress is, based on information of her age, her husband’s age (who is younger and in his 30s), and the fact that they have children. However, there’s no confirmation information, and should the speculation continue, secondary damage may occur to unrelated people. 

Investigation regarding the case is still being carried out by the police, while both A and B are receiving treatment at the hospital. 

Meanwhile, it was revealed that B used to be a model and idol singer from a disbanded girl group.

Source: Nate

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