Ko Yoon-jung, “No Makeup During Filming Of ‘Moving’ + Can Eat 3 Servings Of Pork Belly”

Actress Ko Yoon-jung answered several questions in a video posted by ELLE

On December 2nd, a “ASK ME ANYTHING” video of actress Ko Yoon-jung was uploaded on the YouTube channel of the magazine ELLE Korea.

In this video, Ko Yoon-jung answered several questions about her life and career. When asked to fill in the blanks, “People think I’m OO, but I’m actually OO,” she said, “People don’t think I’m a big eater, but I am.”

When asked about her favorite food, the actress said, “Pork belly that is constantly at the top of my favorites. I can eat up to three servings. If adding cold noodles and rice then it’s two servings, but if I only eat meat, it’s three.”

Ko Yoon-jung recently played the role of Hee-soo, a high school student with superpowers, in the much-loved Disney+ drama “Moving.” In order to portray a high school student in the most natural way, Ko Yoon-jung said, “I think I barely wore makeup, and I tried to express it as if my character was lacking things to make it natural.”

Source: naver

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