Goosebump from how these 4 actors are “haunted” by their roles: from cancer to controversy related to another actor’s death 

Immersing in the character, these 4 actors would never expect their life to be as hard as their roles’.  

Kim Woo Bin

At the time of the announcement regarding Kim Woo Bin’s nasopharyngeal cancer, the audience was shocked by how his life was too similar to his role in “Uncontrollably Fond.” In the drama, he played the role of Shin Joon Young – a handsome actor who seemed to have everything from appearance to a rich background but actually had a misfortunate life. Joon Young’s misfortunate life reached its peak when he was diagnosed of having a brain tumor and only had a few months left to live. During his time fighting on death bed, No Eul (Suzy) was always beside him to cheer him up just like how Shin Min Ah has always been beside Kim Woo Bin throughout his journey fighting against cancer. Fortunately, Kim Woo Bin has recovered fully from the disease.

Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul is another actor who is “haunted” by her role. In “Love In Sadness”, this actor played as Yoon Ma Ri, a woman who is married to her conglomerate husband Kang In Wook (Ryu Soo Young). Ma Ri’s husband is a toxic man who is ready to use violence on his wife to assert dominance. The story of Park Han Byul’s role has touched the heart of many viewers. Sadly, in real life, Park Han Byuk is also married to a sick husband who is a part of a group chat that is accused of sexual assault.  

Lee Mi Sook

Lee Mi Sook is probably a familiar face to the audience. One of her outstanding works is “You Are The Best, Lee Soon Shin“. In the drama, she plays Song Mi Ryung – a famous actress who abandons her daughter, heartlessly hides the cause of her benefactor’s death, and destroys the career of a young actress. This role once shocked the audience when it was related to the scandal surrounding the death of the late actor Jang Ja Yeon.


Until now, perhaps the audience still cannot forget the heartbreaking death of the late artist Sulli. However, few people know that the last movie she starred in, “Real”, seems to have predicted the tragic fate of the actress. In the movie, Sulli played the role of Song Yoo Hwa, who has a serious mental disorder. Yoo Hwa always had to take medicine to calm her spirit. When the depression got worse, Yoo Hwa asked her lover to kill her, in order to end the pain and end her full-of-tragedy life.

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