Knetz found out the face of the manager who used BTS’s car to drive his girlfriend around

The face of the BTS’s manager who was accused of abusing his position and using the company’s car for personal uses was discovered by netizens.

On May 18, a Knet uploaded a post on Pann titled ‘Photos of Bangtan’s manager taking his girlfriend into the group’s car’. In this post, OP shared a series of evidence that a BTS manager took advantage of his position and used the group’s car for personal uses.  Not only that, he also took his girlfriend to New York, USA along with the schedule of 7 Big Hit boys. Fans only found out about this when his girlfriend posted too many photos to show off being in a celebrity’s car on her Instagram Story.

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Currently this post has been widely reported by the Korean media. Moreover, ARMYs (BTS fans) also constantly report the incident to Big Hit Entertainment, asking the company to verify the incident.  Fan said that if this is true, this is unacceptable behavior because the manager had abused his position and used the car for his own benefits, let his girlfriend freely take photos to share and invade the privacy of the artists. Then on May 19, Big Hit issued a notice saying that the company is looking into the incident to clarify and will take appropriate action.

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While waiting for Big Hit to make further announcements related to this information, netizens also quickly found out the face of the manager who was ‘accused’ of exceeding the limit as a staff member.  According to Knet, this is the new manager of BTS recently and regularly appears in the group’s schedules. Besides, the bright appearance of this male manager is also something that netizens paid attention to.

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Knetz believe that indeed this manager is quite good-looking like the OP who exposed this incident had described before. There was even a straightforward comment saying that this manager is more handsome than leader RM and this was one of the top comments.  However, they feel that this male manager also knows that he has a good appearance so he was intentionally “showing off” to get attention rather than focus on escorting BTS.  A few Knetz also commented that this manager and his girlfriend were such ‘birds of a feather’ when they both liked to show off and wanted to seek attention.

Knet’s comments on the photos revealing the face of this manager:

– He wants to become a celebrity, but he couldn’t so he’s hovering around celebrities instead, just an attention seeker

-Rather than protecting Bangtan, he’s there trying to make himself look handsome for photos

-He dated the wrong woman and he will be jobless soon. They’re just birds of a feather

-He’s more handsome than Rapmon 

-Honestly, he’s pretty good-looking

-The reason why he’s not wearing a mask is because he wants to appear a certain way in journalists pictures

-Why isn’t he wearing a mask? Is he even a manager? 

-The man made his IG private but the girl is still keeping it public. And she’s still updating new photos. So brainless

-If we’re letting this slide seriously… Fans would be committing a mistake.. Why is the agency like that.. 

-Please fire him Bighit

Sources: tinnhac

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