Who’s BIBI – The Second Person After IU to Top All Korean Music Charts in 2024

BIBI has achieved success in various fields as an actress, entertainer, and singer

At 9 PM (Korean time) on February 24th, BIBI’s song “Bam Yang Gang” officially achieved a Real Time All-Kill (RAK). RAK is a proud and admirable record when it comes to a song by Kpop groups. This term is used to refer to the achievement of a song reaching the top of all Korean digital music charts simultaneously in the iChart system. It is difficult for even well-known artists/groups to achieve this feat, and even more challenging for lesser-known newcomers. Therefore, when a song by a singer/group tops all digital music charts, it is considered a difficult-to-break record.


In 2024, there were 2 songs that achieved RAK. Alongside the “digital music monster” IU with “Love Wins All,” BIBI is the other. “Bam Yang Gang” was released on February 13th. Despite comebacks from well-established names like IU, (G)I-DLE, LE SSERAFIM, etc., BIBI’s song still attracted attention, steadily climbing the music charts. “Bam Yang Gang” is the second song in 2024 to achieve RAK.


BIBI’s real name is Kim Hyung Seo, born on September 27th, 1998, is a South Korean singer-songwriter. In 2017, she signed with Feel Ghood Music after Yoon Mi Rae discovered her self-produced songs on SoundCloud.

The singer pursues music in a free and unique way, exploring various genres such as R&B, soul, hip-hop, and ballad. Unlike many, BIBI prefers to channel her music into sadness and pain, intertwining her emotions with her hidden self from the world. Additionally, she has composed songs for other artists such as “Second” (Hyoyeon), “Love & Hate” (sung with Zico), “Fever” (J.Y.Park)… BIBI has also ventured into acting, and the film “Hopeless” in which she starred alongside Song Joong Ki earned her a nomination for Outstanding New Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards 2023.

Source: K14

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