Knetz discovered that SM Entertainment gives a spoiler of RED VELVET comeback in Girls Generation Taeyeon’s new MV

Taeyeon’s comeback seems to have hidden many mysteries about Red Velvet’s next comeback.

Taeyeon officially made a comeback with her 4th mini-album titled What Do I Call You on the afternoon of December 15.  Her comeback this time received a lot of attention from fans because this is her first album after nearly a year of absence.  The title song What Do I Call You quickly received countless praise from the online community.

More specifically, fans are focusing their attention on the “hint universe” that SM Entertainment has always cleverly integrated into their artists’ products during the past time.  And as expected, it seems that the name of SM artists will come back after Taeyeon has been revealed?

Immediately after What Do I Call You was released, a series of details allegedly related to Red Velvet was discovered by fans.  Most notably, right from Taeyeon’s poster appeared the image of the Ferris wheel – an icon associated with the image of Red Velvet in 2019 with the hit song Zimzalabim.  Right next to the image of the ferris wheel is a photo of a daisy garden, coincidentally, Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri also uploaded a photo of a daisy on Instagram not long ago.  This has caused fans to raise doubts about the next artist SM’s comeback will most likely be Red Velvet.

Red velveth1
Red velvet2
Red velvet2

In addition, at the end of Taeyeon’s MV What Do I Call You, viewers also saw the appearance of a piece of paper folded into a ribbon.  Quickly, the audience realized this was the “hint” that SM hid in the MV Psycho from… a year ago.  If a year ago the ribbon-shaped piece of paper had been rolled into the rock, it is now “untied” and appears to be alone.  It is unclear whether this detail helps fans relate to any story, but the appearance of the same icon in the two MVs has made fans excited.

Red velvet2
Red velvet5

All fans’ speculations become even more clear when in early November, SM CEO Lee Sung Soo announced the comeback of Red Velvet in the near future.  The image that the group pursues in the upcoming comeback will be more mature and strong.  This statement and the hints cleverly hidden by SM in Taeyeon’s What Do I Call You have made fans excited about Red Velvet’s future comeback.

Red velvet5

Netizens comment :

– I’m a fan, but I’m a little careful!!

– Woah what is this.

– I like the worldview connection of Taeyeon and Red Velvet.

– Wow, but the company is really putting it together

– Are you sure?

– If we connecting SM worldview. Maybe it’s right.

– Red Velvet comeback??

– But Taeyeon doesn’t have it. Worldview.

– I don’t think it’s true.

– Maybe it’s because they share a worldview. I’ve already had it a while ago.

– There’s SM worldview??

Red velvet5
Red velvet5


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