Knets pointed out the reason why ‘Girls Planet 999’ failed to attract the public’s attention

Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ seems to attract fewer Korean viewers than expected, comparing to another survival show, “Street Woman Fighter”.

Girls Planet 999’ has gone 1/3 of their journey as all the performances for the Connect Mission have been released in the latest episode aired on August 27. However, the rating of the show has not yet reached 1%, proving that ‘Girls Planet 999’ is struggling to attract the attention of Korean netizens.

Having a similar format to Mnet’s previous survival series “Produce 101”, ‘Girls Planet 999’ failed to arouse the interests of the audience due to various reasons. Recently, a netizen has stated that one of the causes of “Girls Planet 999”’s failure is the visuals of the trainees. According to discussions raised by Korean netizens, many trainees have outstanding appearances, but Mnet didn’t promote them, and they are also on the verge of being eliminated.

Lee Yeon Gyung (K-GROUP)
Ikema Ruan (J-GROUP)
Ryu Sion (K-GROUP)
Hayashi Fuko (J-GROUP)
Kim Bora (K-GROUP)
Lee Sunwoo (K-GROUP)
Lee Rayeon (K-GROUP)

Meanwhile, netizens pointed out that the girls in the leading top, who received the highest votes and are expected to debut in the final group, do not have an ‘idol visual’.

Ezaki Hikaru (J-GROUP)
Huening Bahiyyih (K-GROUP)
Su Rui Qi (C-GROUP)

Comparing the 2 groups above, many Internet users were really surprised. They wondered why the girls who might be eliminated are prettier than the trainees that are expected to debut. Therefore, they believed this is the reason why ‘Girls Planet 999’ received less attention than another Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”

Some comments from Knets:

  • “Doesn’t it make sense ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The kids in danger of being eliminated are pretty and more idol-like. ‘Girls Planet 999’ is such a flop”
  • “Girls Planet 999” has already been beaten by “Street Woman Fighter” in terms of its ability to attract public attention”
  • “But it feels like the Cell system of this program is unfair to a lot of potential contestants… Why do they always have to put 1 Korean trainee, 1 Chinese trainee, and 1 Japanese trainee together? They’ve already formed a group of 3 before the first episode aired. And the kids who get the attention will most likely be eliminated because they’re in the same group with nugu.”
  • Huening Kai‘s younger sister doesn’t have the idol-like face at all”
  • “Honestly, I have to admit that Hikaru’s ability is at the top, but her style and image is absolutely not the type that can be famous as a K-pop idol. Both appearance and expression. And the way she shows her charisma on stage is absolutely not the type that can attract fans in Korea. Even if she goes in the direction of a girlcrush or a talented idol…”
  • “If she wasn’t Huening Kai’s little sister, she would’ve been buried with such visuals and abilities ㅋ”
  • “Kim Bora is both beautiful and talented… She saved the song that was ruined by the Chinese and Japanese trainees”
  • “The show is not interesting, and I don’t understand why we keep casting Chinese and Japanese kids and training them to be K-pop idols”
  • “Except for the title “Huening Kai’s sister”, is there any other point of Huening Bahiyyih that attracts attention? Neither appearance, charm nor ability. After all, why is she ranked so high?”
  • “Ruan is really cute so I voted for her, but on the show, Ruan received almost no attention. What a pity ㅜㅜ”
In your opinion, although ‘Girls Planet 999’ is doing well in the global market, what caused its low rating in Korea?
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