Kim Young-dae and Lee Sung-kyung’s deep kiss scene makes viewers “drool” (Sh**ting Stars)

“Sh**ting Stars” Tae-sung (played by Kim Young-dae) and Han-byul (played by Lee Sung-kyung) developed from friends to lovers.

In episode 9 of tvN’s “Sh**ting Stars“, which aired on the evening of May 20th, the sweet image of Tae-sung and Han-byul, who decided to date after 10 years of unrequited love, was depicted.

Shooting Stars
Han-byul got angry when Tae-sung rented the whole movie theater to watch a movie.

Han-byul asked, “You have money to burn, right? We only need to buy two movie tickets. Why do you rent the entire movie theater?” Tae-sung said honestly, “Because I want to watch it with only you.” Oh Han-byul was taken aback by Tae-sung’s sudden confession. She asked, “Do you really like me? How much?”

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Tae-sung replied, “How much? Even if you like to deep your teeth into something that’s too hard, or if you want to eat mint choco with toothpaste, or even if you want me to eat pineapple on the pizza, I still like you.”

Shooting Stars

In other words, if they date, Tae-sung can change his taste to “dipping” even though he likes “mixing” and “mint choco” even though he hates mint choco.

Shooting Stars

Han-byul said “You’re crazy”, but accepted Tae-sung’s heart by kissing him. In fact, Han-byul’s first love was also Tae-sung. As if embarrassed, Han-byul tried to run away after kissing Tae-sung. Tae-sung grabbed Han-byul and said “Don’t run away”, then gave her a deep kiss. Han-byul also embraced Tae-sung tightly and accepted his active physical affection.

Shooting Stars

Viewers are paying keen attention to what kind of romance the two will show in the future.

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