Kim Sung Cheol, who joined “Hellbound 2” after Yoo Ah In’s drug scandal, revealed his feelings

An update of actor Kim Sung Cheol after being cast in the Netflix drama “Hellbound 2” is attracting attention. 

On March 2nd, Netflix Korea posted a list of major cast members in “Hellbound 2” on its official Instagram account, along with the caption, “another hell of the new ones and those who left.

According to the post, actor Kim Sung Cheol will assume the role of Jeong Jin Soo, the cult leader of “New Truth Society”, which was previously played by actor Yoo Ah In. Seeing this, Kim Sung Cheol left a comment on Netflix Korea’s post, saying, “By the word of God”, which was matching of his pseudo-preacher character. 

Kim Sung-cheol

Meanwhile, Netflix Korea also responded to Kim Sung Cheol as if they are a member of his cult, saying, “I believe in you”. 

On the other hand, Netflix’s upcoming series “Hellbound 2” is the second season of the drama “Hellbound” released in December 2021. 

Hellbound 2
Hellbound 2

The first season deals with the story of a supernatural phenomenon where an otherworldly beings called “angels” appears out of thin air to deliver prophecies (“decrees”) to condemn certain individuals to Hell. 

“Hellbound 2” was supposed to depict Jeong Jin Soo’s resurrection. However, due to the current drug use scandal, Yoo Ah In could not continue the role and was replaced by Kim Sung Cheol. 

kim sung cheol

The remaining cast members Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Shin Rok, Lee Dong Hee, Yang Ik Joon and Lee Re will reprise their roles and tell the back stories of those who were at the center of chaos. 

New characters will also be added to enrich to the narrative layers. Yang Dong Geun appears as the leader of Sodo along with Min Hye Jin and Im Sung Jae will transform into a member of Sodo who lost a loved one to the “angels” of Hell. Moon Geun Young will make a special appearance with Cho Dong In as arrowhead leaders who lead supporters of the New Truth Society. 

“Hellbound 2” will begin filming in June. 

Source: Wikitree

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