Kim Nam-joo returns to the small screen after 5 years in the melodramatic revenge drama “Wonderful World”

Actor Kim Nam-joo returns to the small screen after a five-year absence.

On March 9th,  it is confirmed through an exclusive interview with Star News that Kim Nam Joo is in talks for the new drama “Wonderful World.” 

“Wonderful World” tells the story of Park Ha Na, who loses her young son due to injustice and falls in love with Kwon Seon Ryul, a mysterious 20-something medical student, who wants to protect her  even at the cost of his life. She seeks revenge against the perpetrator of the death of her son who has been forgiven by the law. In a nutshell, it is a love affair melodrama.


Kim Nam Joo was offered the role of Park Ha Na, a so-called “prominent psychology professor” with excellent study skills, extraordinary motor skills and musical instrument playing skills. She is also a person with a positive mindset. In every way, Park Ha Na is perfect without being envious. Nonetheless, everything changes when she loses her son to a car accident and is determined to bring the perpetrator to justice. 

Kim Nam Joo has not acted in many dramas since JTBC’s “Misty” in 2018. If she is to confirm her appearance in “Wonderful World,” Nam Joo will conclude her five-year absence from TV dramas. 

Moreover, viewers’ interest in “Wonderful World” is expected to be hot as ever if Kim Nam Joo takes over the role, thanks to the actress’ reputation as a “trustworthy actor.” She has received positive feedback from KBS 2TV’s “My Husband Got a Family,” MBC’s “Queen of Reversals,” “Queen of Housewives,” and the movie “Voice of a Murderer.”

Director Lee Seung Young (Wavve “Tracer,” OCN’s “The Voice Season 2,” and “The Missing”) will direct “Wonderful World.” Production will be handled by Samhwa Networks.

Source: Daum

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