Kim Jong-kook eventually took a scary step regarding his steroids controversy

Singer Kim Jong-kook, who was suspected of using enhancing drugs by famous Canadian health YouTuber Greg Doucette, recently posted a new video.

On Nov 18th, a video titled “Law comes before Fist” was posted on Kim Jong-kook’s YouTube channel, drawing attention. In the video, Kim Jong-kook issued a strong warning, saying he would take legal action against those who spread false information about the drug controversy surrounding him.

Kim Jong-kook said, “I’m a celebrity. I’ve been a celebrity for 27 years, and I’ve always thought my biggest role is to give you joy and happiness throughout my time working as a singer.”

He confessed, “As I thought that a part of a celebrity’s existence is for these people to release their pain and exhaustion in life, and we celebrity should do it for them instead which include even the catharsis they get from writing malicious comments against us, so I’ve actually embraced these people in my heart.”

kim jong kook

“However, as I went through this, I thought it was too much for me just to watch and endure,” he said adding, “So I’m here to let you know that you can also suffer great damage yourself when you make up rumors on media outlets that are seen by many, or when you write malicious comments, things like that.”

Kim Jong-kook also invited Park Min-chul, a lawyer from Kim and Jang’s law firm, to talk about the legal part related to the act of defamation. Lawyer Park introduced several cases and explained in detail specific legal matters related to the controversy over Kim Jong-kook’s case.

kim jong kook

Kim Jong-kook then wrapped up the video by once again demanding a genuine apology from YouTuber Greg Doucette who has raised the suspicion of using steroids against Kim Jong-kook, emphasizing his innocence.

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