Kim Hyun-joong will marry his non-celebrity girlfriend 

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong (36 years old) will marry a non-celebrity woman.

According to TV Daily’s reports, it was confirmed that Kim Hyun-joong will marry a non-celebrity woman. Considering the COVID-19 situation, the wedding ceremony will not be held.

Kim Hyun-joong and his girlfriend are both lovers and best friends who know each other better than anyone else. Whenever Kim Hyun-joong was having a hard time, his girlfriend silently stood by and cheered for him. It is reported that his girlfriend helped him find peace of mind when he was having a crisis. As they have been together for a long time, the two have great trust in each other.

Kim Hyun-joong marriage

Whenever Kim Hyun-joong always tells his acquaintances, “She is a reliable person.” He bragged about his girlfriend, saying, “I am grateful to her who has always protected me by staying by my side and never changed when I was in difficult times.”

Kim Hyun-joong marriage

Over the past few years, Kim Hyun-joong has focused on activities to communicate with fans. He proved his musical capabilities by refraining from appearing in dramas and variety shows and only inviting fans to small concert halls where he plays acoustic guitar himself.

Kim Hyun-joong left Keyeast and found a new agency. He expressed his thoughts through a YouTube channel that surpassed 1 million subscribers earlier this year.

Kim Hyun-joong marriage

Kim Hyun-joong said on the channel, “I want to be a person who introduces good music and good people,” adding, “I don’t need to make money through YouTube.” “I will just introduce a lot of fun music and people,” he said, revealing his humble side.

Kim Hyun-joong marriage

Kim Hyun-joong made his debut as the leader of the group SS501 in 2005. After the success of the drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, he expanded his career as an actor and emerged as a Hallyu star by appearing in “Playful Kisses” and “Inspiring Generation.”

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