Top actress Kim Ha Neul honestly confessed about her personality upon hearing a colleague’s first impression of her

Actress Kim Ha Neul reacted to others’ first impression of her on “House on Wheels 4”.

The broadcast of tvN’s entertainment show “House on Wheels 4” on November 3rd showed Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, Ro Woon, and guest Kim Ha Neul traveling to Jeju Island together.

Kim Ha Neul House on Wheels

On the broadcast, the four sat around and had a friendly talk. Sung Dong Il said, “Before Ha Neul came, Hee Won told me that he was thinking about what to say. But unlike his worries, Hee Won is enjoying today the most”.

Kim Ha Neul House on Wheels

Kim Hee Won shared, “I think this one night and two days trip is a little short”. He added, “The more I get to know about the style of Kim Ha Neul… At first, I was like ‘Is she arrogant?’, but then I found her more attractive after knowing her”, complimenting Kim Ha Neul.

Kim Ha Neul agreed, saying “There can be such a case”. She continued, “That’s because I have to focus on acting while filming… Although I’ve been acting for a long time, I still feel a little lacking somehow. But I don’t have to act anything on this program, right? I show my actual self here but I don’t think I can make others feel comfortable with me like this on the filming set”, drawing attention with her honest confession.

When Sung Dong Il asked, “So which one is your true personality?”, Kim Ha Neul replied, “I’m a very bright person”. Sung Dong Il then said, “I saw that side of her today and could feel it clearly. She kept humming next to me while we were seasoning green onions. That’s the symptom that can normally be seen in those in their 70s”, drawing laughter.

Kim Ha Neul House on Wheels

Meanwhile, tvN’s entertainment program “House on Wheels 4” airs every Thursday at 8:40 p.m.

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