Kim Go Eun embroiled in a controversy out of the blue due to the price of her fan meeting tickets 

Among actors’ solo fan meetings, the ticket price for Kim Go Eun’s fan meeting is under controversy for being particularly expensive.

Recently, on Yes24, a ticket online website, ticketing for actress Kim Go Eun’s 10th-anniversary fan meeting “Go Eun Day: Come in closer” has started. The fan meeting will be held at YES24 LIVE HALL on October 15th. The ticket price is 88,000 won for all seats.

Kim Go-eun

Because of this, a controversy sparked as fans voice their displeasure that the ticket price was particularly expensive compared to other actors’ fan meeting tickets. Specifically, the average price for a domestic fan meeting of Korean actors is between 30,000 and 50,000 won.

Not long ago, the price of a fan meeting for actress Park Eun Bin, who gained huge popularity for her role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and started the “Woo Young Woo” craze, was 55,000 won. The price of Suzy’s fan meeting for all seats was 55,000 won, and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was only 33,000 won.

Park Eun-bin

Ticket prices for other actors’ fan meetings were also similar. Lee Jong Suk’s fan meeting ticket cost 55,000 won. Meanwhile, it was 66,000 won for a first-floor seat and 55,000 won for a second-floor seat in Lee Je Hoon’s fan meeting. In addition, Ryu Jun Yeol’s fan meeting sold all seats at the same price of 66,000 won per ticket.

Lee Jong Suk

In fact, while articles comparing the names of the actors were posted on online communities regarding the controversy and drew divided opinions, all seats for the fan meeting were sold out as soon as the ticketing was opened on September 23rd.

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go Eun, who debuted in 2012 through the movie “A Muse” and has consistently starred in various works, celebrates the 10th anniversary of her debut this year. She is acting enthusiastically in tvN’s ongoing drama “Little Women”.

Source: wikitree

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