2 months after leaving LE SSERAFIM, Kim Garam suddenly spoke up to deny all allegations of school violence

Kim Ga-ram, who left girl group LE SSERAFIM, expressed her position regarding the controversy over school violence.

On the morning of August 11th, Kim Ga-ram opened up about the controversy over school violence for the first time since leaving LE SSERAFIM through her acquaintance A’s Instagram.

Kim Ga-ram said, “Hello. This is Kim Ga-ram. First of all, I want to say I’m sorry. It’s too late, but I haven’t had a chance to tell you my position all this while.”

kim ga ram

She continued, “I’ve never hit anyone or used violence on anyone. I’ve never been forced to transfer. I’ve never drunk or smoked. I’ve never bullied or outcasted anyone. I was just an ordinary student.”

Regarding the school violence committee case, Kim Ga-ram explained, “The school violence committee case happened between March and May of my first year of middle school when OOO talked about my friends behind their backs and uploaded photos of another friend of mine wearing underwear. I started arguing with OOO because I thought I was helping my friend who was the victim, and I ended up swearing at her in this process. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the difference between the majority and the minority at all, so I didn’t think deeply that the act of arguing with OOO was wrong.”

Kim Ga-ram

She added, “My methods at that time were wrong. Although there were many mistakes and clumsy actions, I don’t want to hate myself for that time.”

Finally, Kim Ga-ram confessed, “I fought for my dream to debut. The two weeks after debut were like a dream to me. I’ll remember it as a time that I’ll never forget in my life. I’ll try to work hard to become a better person.”

Along with the corresponding statement, Kim Ga-ram released all relevant information by posting the discussion record and the result notification from the school violence committee in 2018. In particular, she actively clarified allegations of school violence as she mentioned the real name of the friend who was involved in the incident back then.

kim ga ram

The document stated that Kim Ga-ram cursed and threatened OOO because OOO talked behind others’ backs at a nearby elementary school and SNS chat room with 4 female students.

The school violence committee imposed 6 hours per day of special education for Level 5 Punishment for Kim Ga-ram, and 5 hours of special education for Kim Ga-ram’s parents.

Kim Ga-ram, who debuted under HYBE’s six-member girl group LE SSERAFIM in May, left the group in July due to allegations of school violence. After Kim Ga-ram’s withdrawal, LE SSERAFIM was reorganized into a five-member system.

Source: wikitree

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