Kim Bo-ra refutes suspicions of being “drunk driving” Kim Sae-ron’s passenger at the time of the accident

Actress Kim Bo-ra indirectly denied the allegations of being the passenger in the accident caused by Kim Sae-ron, who is being investigated on charges of drunk driving.

On May 18th, Kim Bo-ra posted a shocking face meme along with the caption “Me?” on her Instagram Story.

Earlier, Kim Sae-ron was caught fleeing away after crashing into a structure on the street while driving near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The police, who were dispatched to the accident scene after receiving several reports, tried to conduct a breathalyzer test but Kim Sae-ron demanded a blood test at a nearby hospital.

Kim Bo-ra

Later, it was reported that Kim Sae-ron was with a female passenger in her 20s at the time of the accident. Netizens suspected Kim Bo-ra to be the passenger in Kim Sae-ron’s car, pointing out that Kim Bo-ra posted a photo taken with Kim Sae-ron on May 17th. Therefore, it seems like Kim Bo-ra made the recent post to indirectly explain the suspicions.

Kim Bo-ra

Kim Bo-ra will star in the movie “Oksu Station Ghost”.

Source: Nate

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