Kian84 hurriedly apologized to Jennie, “I’ll never mention BLACKPINK again”

“Around the World at birth” Kian84 boasted about his relationship with BLACKPINK Jennie.

MBC’s program “Around the World at birth”, which aired on January 1st, showed Kian84, Lee Si Eon and Pani Bottle going on a bike tour.


While on their way to La Raya Observatory, the three accidentally discovered a hot spring in Peru so they changed their destination. There, Kian84 greeted Peruvian high school students on their school trip and asked, “You know BLACKPINK?”. 

As there was no response, Kian84 urgently apologized, “I thought everyone knows BLACKPINK. We just came to Peru. I feel so sorry toward Jennie, whom I’ve met only once”, making everyone laugh.


Arriving at an outdoor hot spring located on the way from Sicuani to La Raya Observatory, the three entered the dressing room to change their clothes.

While enjoying the relaxation of the hot spring, Kian84 realized his popularity when a Peruvian girl asked him to take a picture with her. When Kian84 and Lee Si Eon went to change their clothes, the girl asked Pani Bottle, “Do you know BLACKPINK and BTS?”. Surprised by the sudden question, Pani Bottle told Kian84, “Help me. I think she’s asking if I’m close to BTS”.


Rushing out of the changing room, Kian84 said, “What Jennie? She did a video call with me once”. He continued, “BLACKPINK Jennie is my phone friend”.

Kian84 then mentioned SHINee Key, who is working with him on “I Live Alone”, and showed off their friendship by showing the girl a photo.

jennie kian84

Later, he suddenly delivered an apology through a video letter, saying “Jennie and Key. I’m so sorry. From now on, I’ll never mention BLACKPINK. I’m sorry”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum

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