K-netizens list out idol groups with poor live singing skills or constantly lip-sync (ft. IVE, aespa, and more)

These groups draw controversy when it comes to live performances.

In order to deliver a stage with complete quality in terms of both vocals and visuals, lip-syncing is not uncommon in Kpop. However, the abuse of lip-syncing can cause viewers to be unhappy because there is no point in watching live performances any more if the singers refuse to sing live. Many groups decide to lip-sync to cover up their lacking skills, while some have good vocals but still rarely sing live. 


ENHYPEN is a group that was formed through the survival show I-LAND. Although the lineup was picked by both HYBE and fan votes, it seems that ENHYPEN does not have many excellent vocalists to “carry” the group’s vocal line. ENHYPEN’s live encore stages have exposed the members’ flaws in singing skills.

ENHYPEN sang Drunk-Dazed live during their encore 


Another BTS’s junior boy group is included in this list. TXT is rated higher than ENHYPEN when it comes to live vocals as they are above average, but compared to Kpop as a whole and other 4th generation idols, TXT is still deemed lacking.

TXT won No. 1 at Music Bank and sang encore for 0X1=LOVESONG


Ever since their debut, IVE has been labeled by many a vocally weak group, especially when singing live. Their encore performances stumbled into controversy when the members’ live vocals were said to be different than the audio version. With the debut song ELEVEN, IVE is achieving much success and is considered a “monster rookie”. If IVE tries to improve their vocals to deliver more impressive live performances in the future, it is certain that the group will rise to more heights in their career. 

IVE was criticized for weak live singing on encore stages for ELEVEN

The Boyz

Knets raised a question, “They all just lip synced, what are these 11 people doing?” In fact, The Boyz is a highly appreciated group in terms of performing skills and choreography, but vocals are not their advantage. To ensure perfect stages, The Boyz often choose to lip-sync at weekly music shows.

The Boyz’s “The Stealer” Stage


aespa is a different case from The Boyz. Despite being already recognized for having good vocals and technique, the group often lip syncs. The number of times they sing live is really small. It’s true aespa has good skills but as long as the group is too “lazy” to sing live, they will still be mentioned and discussed by Knet.

aespa completely lip synced on “Savage” stage

Knet mentioned groups with good live singing skills in the comments:

  • The boy groups that sing live well are ATEEZ, Stray Kids and for girl groups, it’s ITZY and STAYC.
  • Groups that sing live everytime I see them are Stray Kids, ATEEZ, ITZY and STAYC. The rest are uncertain.
  • Idols who can’t sing live can’t participate in “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”.
  • Let’s go watch TXT’s MR Live on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”. TXT is a group that has been recognized for their ability on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, yet many people still pretend not to know.
  • ATEEZ, Stray Kids are doing well, and TXT should also be considered above average?
Idol groups with poor live singing skills
TXT is “vindicated” as a group that sings well
Idol groups with poor live singing skills
Stray Kids
Idol groups with poor live singing skills
Idol groups with poor live singing skills
STAYC are the groups that are rated as good live singers

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