K-dramas (from 2020-now) that receive more than 9.0 on mydramalist 

“Alchemy Of Souls” receives a surprising result, while “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” proudly stands among the biggest names.

On mydramalist, which is a famous drama series review website in Asia, most series usually receive an average rating of 8.0, or 7.0 for less interesting ones. This means falling into the 9.0 range equals a great series to watch. After the end of the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” syndrome, fans have dug back K-dramas from 2020 to the present (as of August 20th, 2022) that receive 9.0 or above on mydramalist. The list is full of high-quality dramas which are sure to satisfy any K-drama lover.

9.0 – It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Mr. Queen, Vincenzo, Navillera, Alchemy of Souls

All 5 names mentioned above fall into the 9.0 range, which is quite high. Coincidentally, all 5 dramas are from the cable channel tvN. With highly appraised details such as the meaningful story of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” the sensible humor of “Mr. Queen” and the thriller + black comedy combination of “Vincenzo,” these series all received great rating right from the beginning. It’s not hard to understand why they got such high ratings on mydramalist.

On the other hand, “Navillera” and “Alchemy of Souls” give the audience a totally different feeling. “Navillera” didn’t have a high viewer rating percent, but its story of people chasing their dreams without letting their age get in the way has touched the heart of many. This series was also highly praised on Douban, a movie/film review website in China, which proves that its 9.0 rating on mydramalist is expectable.

“Alchemy Of Souls”, penned by “Hotel Del Luna” famous screenwriters Hong sisters, drew mixed reactions before its release due to the characters’ stylings that were said to be “over the top” for a historical drama. However, after the drama was broadcast, positive reviews on how fun the drama is have been pouring in. In particular, “Alchemy Of Souls” has also generated more buzz internationally and domestically, which also explains why it earns such a high score on mydramalist. 

9.1 – Hospital Playlist 1 and 2, Flower Of Evil

9.1 is the score of all three dramas from tvN, both seasons of “Hospital Playlist” and “Flower Of Evil”. As for “Hospital Playlist”, needless to say, it is one of the most successful medical K-dramas in recent years, along with “Dr. Romantic”. Despite being a medical drama, “Hospital Playlist” is not heavy or nerve-racking but healing and comforting. Every character and storyline stands out. The lives of the doctors in the drama are also realistically portrayed. The love lines between characters are not over-dramatized either. 

In short, both 2 seasons of “Hospital Playlist” are worth watching and so is “Flower Of Evil”. The script of “Flower Of Evil” is just good-enough, but the best score is the acting skills of the main couple, Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won. It’s quite surprising that “Flower Of Evil” has such a high score on mydramalist, but since it’s not a bad drama, the result is completely acceptable.

9.2 – Extraordinary Attorney Woo

When it first aired, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” had a score of about 8.6 – 8.7 on mydramalist. After episode 10 onwards, its score gradually got higher and finally, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” received a score of 9.2. Not only on mydramalist but on IMDb, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” also received a high score from international audiences.

This work also ranks 7th in the list of the Top 10 most popular cable dramas and is the drama with the highest rating among dramas from small cable stations. It will take another 2 years for the second season of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” to be produced and aired, but it’s not a bad idea to watch such a great drama over and over again.

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