Controversy sparks over Jeon Ji Hyun listed among Korean celebs who spend the most on their kids

Having a father who is a wealthy CEO and a mother who is a top actress, Jeon Ji Hyun’s son’s schooling is especially paid attention to. 

As a top actress, married to a rich CEO in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in Korea, Jeon Ji Hyun has a luxurious life like a queen. The couple does not hesitate to give the best schooling for their son. On September 9, Mnet’s show TMI News selected Jeon Ji Hyun as one of the celebrities who spend the most on their children’s education.

Currently, 5-year-old Choi Won Woo is studying at the prestigious Chadwick International School in Songdo, Incheon. This is one of the most expensive schools in Korea, with a very tough entrance standard. The annual tuition fee in the kindergarten of Jeon Ji Hyun’s son is up to 36 million won. This number makes many people stunned because it is worth the earnings for many years of many people.

Jeon Ji Hyun doesn’t mind spending 36 million won…
… on 1 year in kindergarten for her 5-year-old son

However, Jeon Ji Hyun’s son was rumored to  receive special treatment from the school. This rumor sparks from the fact that while many children of A-list actors took the entrance exam to attend the school but failed, Jeon Ji Hyun’s son passed. The actress’s agency immediately spoke up about this rumor as follows: “We have nothing to say because it is a private matter of the family.” Many netizens believe that false rumors can affect the 5-year-old boy’s mentality.

The oldest son of Jeon Ji Hyun and her husband is named Choi Won Woo, born in 2016. Always keeping her family life private, the actress does not let her children appear in front of the media. Her son only accidentally appeared in a few pictures taken by commoners. His face is also blurred to protect his identity in Dispatch’s photos. Therefore, every information about Jeon Ji Hyun’s son always makes the public curious and discuss.

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