K-drama actors and actresses who couldn’t stop crying while playing emotional scenes (ft. Hyeri, Lee Dong Wook)

These celebrities were so moved by the scenes they were acting that they couldn’t hold back tears. 

Many Korean actors and actresses immerse themselves into the scenes they are playing, and so, when it comes to emotional scenes, they are also greatly moved. Instead, there have been occasions where these celebrities couldn’t hold back their tears, even after filming ended. 

Lee Dong Wook

lee dong wook cry

After “Goblin”, Lee Dong Wook had the chance to reunite with Yoo In Na in the K-drama “Touch Your Heart”, and was a total heart-flutter there. However, there was one occasion where Yoo In Na couldn’t help but make fun of the actor: when he couldn’t stop crying as he acted out their break up.

Yoo In-na

In the end, filming was stopped for a while, and Lee Dong Wook even questioned himself, saying, “This is so weird? Why am I crying? Let’s stop for a minute”. Embarrassed, yet Lee Dong Wook managed to restore his composure later on to complete the scene.


Former S.E.S member Eugene made a grand return to the small screen with an impressive role in “Penthouse”. Here, as she acted out a scene where her character hugged the dead body of her daughter, Eugene wailed loudly and couldn’t stop. She continued crying even after the stopping cue, and was completely shakened. 

brain explosion with episode of penthouse yoon hee discovered a shocking secret was almost killed by ju dan tae

Regarding her intense emotions while playing this scene, Eugene explained that she’s also a mother in real life, and just thinking of losing a child crushed her. It was partly due to this heart-wrenching performance that Eugene ended up winning Best Actress at the SBS Drama Awards. 

Jung Ho Yeon & Lee Yoo Mi

One of the most pivotal and emotional scenes in “Squid Game” is when Ji Yeong (Lee Yoo Mi) decided to sacrifice her life and give the opportunity to move onto the next round to Sae Byeok (Jung Ho Yeon). And it seems that the actresses behind the scenes are just as emotional as their characters. 

Jung Ho Yeon Squid Game

In particular, when the director said “Cut!”, Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Ho Yeon immediately bursted into tears and hugged each other. Then, Jung Ho Yeon had to do her best to move onto the next scene, and had a hard time regaining her composure. 


Park Solomon

Having gained attention via the Netflix zombie series “All of Us Are Dead”, young actor Park Solomon also got emotional while filming a scene from this play. In particular, the actor admitted in a press conference that he cried uncontrollably after a scene, until there’s no tears left. 

All Of Us Are Dead,

While there’s no information on what particular scene that moved Park Solomon to tears, many speculated that it must have been when his character realized he can no longer stay with the class representative Nam Ra. 


Reply 1988” is full of tear-jerking scenes, and the series’ leading actress, Hyeri, also found herself crying while acting out one of them. In particular, her character, Duk Sun showed a tragic expression when hearing the news that her grandmother passed away, and Hyeri got so immersed she continued crying after the scene ended. 

hyeri ryu jun yeol

Long after, it was revealed that Hyeri’s real life grandmother passed away just one day before the actress filmed this scene, and so what she showed were real emotions that she couldn’t hold back.

Source: K14

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