Jo Jung Suk made a surprise appearance at Gummy’s concert and performed a couple duet for the first time

Singer Gummy performed a duet stage with her husband, actor Jo Jung Suk, for the first time at her concert today (Feb 4th).

The Seoul show of Gummy’s 20th-anniversary concert “BE ORIGIN” was held at Olympic Hall, Songpa-gu, Seoul at 5 p.m. on February 4th. 

In the second half of the concert, Dynamic Duo (Gaeko and Choiza) appeared as guests, drawing attention. The two revealed that they went to the same shop as Gummy and she was so nice that they couldn’t refuse her request. The duo then heated up the atmosphere with their hit songs, “Go Back”, “Guilty”, etc.

Jo Jung-suk gummy

After then, a surprise guest appeared and received enthusiastic cheers from the audience. Gummy’s husband – actor Jo Jung Suk showed up in a VCR. 

Jo Jung Suk, whose singing ability is comparable to a singer, presented a performance of the song “Special Love” with Gummy.

Gummy concert

Later, Gummy confessed, “My husband did a duet with me even through a video. We actually sing together a lot at home, but this is the first time we show you how our voices come out in harmony”. She continued, “Thank you for showing so much love for the performance. Should we release a digital version? My husband really likes the idea. Now I have to ask him to sing with me because his OST is more popular than mine”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Gummy debuted in 2003 and has released numerous hit songs throughout the 20 years of her career. She married actor Jo Jung Suk in 2018 and welcomed their daughter in August 2020.

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