Jisoo (BLACKPINK) generates how much profit for Dior?

The reason why the collaboration between Jisoo and Dior is called “the perfect marriage”.

Jisoo is one of the most influential female idols today.

Jisoo, according to recent reports in Korean media, was the reason Dior’s sales in this nation doubled from the same time the previous year. The French fashion house thus saw a tremendous rise in earnings, from 104.6 billion won to 211.5 billion won.

Because Jisoo has been chosen as a brand ambassador, Korean women in their 20s to 30s reportedly favor and choose Dior items. As a result, Dior intends to raise the price by around 5% in order to boost profit.

Jisoo helped Dior double its profit compared to the same period last year.
Moreover, thanks to the impact of the Global Ambassador, Dior will also increase the price of products by 5%. 

Jisoo’s influence on Dior since being chosen as the Global Ambassador is quite significant. For example, the female idol has taken the attention of the media with her presence at the Dior fashion show of Paris Fashion Week 2022. According to Launchmetrics, Jisoo can make a media impact value of about $7.2 million if each of her posts reaches 1,152 views. 

Jisoo took ever the Paris Fashion Week 2022 with great media value. 
Jisoo Blacpink-Paris Fashion Week
The female idol not only maintains but also increases Dior’s brand value. 

Thanks to the huge benefits that she brought to Dior, Jisoo is pampered by the brand. Dior’s Chairman and CEO – Pietro Beccari once shared: “The meeting between Jisoo and Dior was a perfect marriage. Jisoo is amazing. She is a big star, but she is also very humble, and at the same time shows intelligence in multiple facets.”

Jisoo is pampered by Dior.
blackpink jisoo dior
Dior’s Chairman likened the combination of the brand and Jisoo to the perfect marriage.  
Jisoo continuously appeared on the cover of famous fashion magazines in Dior’s outfits.  

Whenever there is a schedule to work with Dior, Jisoo can enjoy the most luxurious and modern privilege. The female idol was also personally accompanied by the senior leaders of the brand to visit and attend Dior’s parties.

Jisoo Dior
Jisoo was accompanied by Dior’s senior leaders to the event.  (Photo: Pinterest)
jisoo dior
The female idol is also accompanied by leaders from the French fashion house.  
Jisoo is likened to be the “living Dior” because of her luxurious and haughty aura.  
blackpink jisoo
Fans are looking forward to the upcoming collaborations between the female idol and the brand.

Just like the statement of President Pietro Beccari, Jisoo and Dior’s relationship is truly the perfect “marriage“.

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