Jisoo (BLACKPINK) finally gets more screentime and even the highlights in the new MV

Jisoo really stood out with the beautiful scenes in BlackPink’s latest MV – “Kill This Love”.

9 months after the hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, at 0:00 on April 5 (local time), BlackPink officially return with the song “Kill This Love”. Composed by “music wizard” Teddy, the song promises to be a big hit.

BlackPink makes a comeback with “Kill This Love

Not only did they impress everyone by the powerful beat and extremely catchy drop, the BlackPink girls are also attractive with the girl-crush concept upgraded to the feminist concept which is even more daring than “DDU-DU DDU- DU “. In particular, the “good girl” Jisoo who everyone thought not to be suitable with this concept, turns out to be the most outstanding member and gets more screentime than the previous MVs.

Despite being the visual of BlackPink as well as of the entire 3rd gen of Kpop, Jisoo is the member who appeared the least in the previous MVs of the group. However, with the “Kill This Love” MV, the fans were very happy when she was given more screentime. Jisoo even has a series of highlight moments with her beauty and excellent charisma.

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Jisoo made the fans fall in love with her “unreal” beauty
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She owns the highlight scenes in the MV “Kill This Love”

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