Jessica successfully re-debut… but a groupmate is her boyfriend Tyler Kwon’s ex

Former SNSD member Jessica, will reportedly debut in a Chinese girl group. 

On August 2nd, several local Chinese media, including Sina Entertainment, reported what was rumored to be the final ranking of the audition program “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, which aims to debut a Chinese girl group out of senior female artists in the entertainment industry. 


According to these reports, former SNSD member Jessica is included in the debut lineup, placing 2nd in the final rankings. 1st reportedly belongs to Taiwanese singer and actress Cyndi Wang, while Chinese-Canadian Kelly Yu assumes the 3rd place. 

Apparently, the results were leaked by the audience at the scene, and the remaining positions of the final lineup belongs to Sitar Tan, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Fiona Sit, Amber Kuo, Tang Shiyi, and Zhang Tian Ai.

Among them, Gillian Chung is the ex-girlfriend of Tyler Kwon, Jessica’s current boyfriend, making netizens curious about her and Jessica’s chemistry should they debut in the same team.


“Sisters Who Make Waves 3” is a Chinese survival program that gathers female entertainers in their 30s and older, and aims to re-debut them as a girl group after a series of music performances and competition. 

Source: Daum

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