Jeongyeon (TWICE) was praised by netizens for her courage to perform after gaining weight due to medical treatment.

Despite being in the process of medical treatment, Jeongyeon still managed to perform ‘SCIENTIST’ with TWICE and received praise for her efforts.

On November 12, TWICE officially made a comeback with the 3rd full album in their career called ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’ with the title song ‘SCIENTIST’. Because she is still receiving treatment, Jeongyeon was absent from the performance stages as well as the dance scenes in the MV. Therefore, the fact that Jeongyeon suddenly appeared on Music Bank promotion stage with the group made fans extremely surprised.


Jeongyeon still appeared with a noticeable weight gain on stage. In particular, the station’s camera also recorded from the bottom, which looked quite a troulesome for the TWICE girls, especially Jeongyeon. However, she still confidently performed, was extremely beautiful, and completed the stage excellently with her teammates.

Despite her obvious weight gain, Jeongyeon is still extremely beautiful when she appears on stage with TWICE
Netizens praised Jeongyeon’s efforts and courage because she still went on stage despite being under treatment.
  • Jeongyeon is always pretty
  • I hope Jeongyeon gets well soon
  • She gained weight but is still pretty.
  • I love Jeongyeon so much, you should rest more, we can wait.
  • Jeongyeon is still radiantly beautiful on stage

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