Jeon Somi caused a storm with surreal visuals like a Barbie doll

How gorgeous is Jeon Somi that Jennie (BLACKPINK) becomes such a passionate fangirl of her?

On August 2, Jeon Somi officially has a comeback with the single “Dumb Dumb“. Besides the catchy music and eye-catching MV, the female idol’s visual at the press conference to promote the new song was also discussed enthusiastically by netizens. Appearing at the comeback showcase, Jeon Somi shocked the public with her surreal beauty, her top-notch makeover, nothing to criticize.

Jeon Somi caused a storm with surreal visuals like a Barbie doll

The platinum blonde hair helps Somi’s visual become “deadly” attractive. Thanks to changing makeup to a luxurious nude tone, the YG’s beauty looks so much more mature. The beauty of the female idol born in 2001 is becoming more and more perfect. And yet, people can’t help but admire when looking at the photoshop-like body of the 20-year-old female idol after losing weight. The “hybrid rose” has a height of 1m72 but only weighs 46.6kg. Her straight, slim legs, and hourglass body shape make many women jealous. Overall, netizens consider that she is no different from a living Barbie doll.

Not only fans, even Jennie (BLACKPINK) can’t help but be crazy about Jeon Somi.  Jennie is so infatuated with her close dongsaeng that she has to spam comments continuously in Somi’s livestream: “Pretty girl”, “Your blonde hair is also great”,…

Somi and the members of BLACKPINK have a sisterly closeness. When the two sides release a new song, the girls not only support each other on social media, but they also frequently visit the recording studio to show their support, appear on vlogs, hang out, and even work together.

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