Jeon Hye-jin Mentions Husband Lee Sun-kyun In Recent Interview, “He’s The Biggest Problem”

Amid Lee Sun-kyun’s drug controversy, the recent interview of his wife Jeon Hye-jin is re-examined

In late August, Jeon Hye-jin had an interview after ENA’s drama “Not Others” ended. According to the media, the actress mentioned her husband Lee Sun-kyun in front of reporters.

Jeon Hye-jin played the role of a mother in the drama. Therefore, when asked what a mother she is in real life, the actress drew attention by referring to Lee Sun-kyun as her “oldest son”. She shared, “My oldest son is the biggest problem”, adding “At least the kids listen to me”.

jeon hye jin

Jeon Hye-jin said, “Including my puppy, I have four sons. The dog only listens to me because I feed him, wash him and clean his poop”, adding “The kids are grown up so they don’t need me to tell them about what to do, but I think I want to understand them more. The kids seem to be afraid of me but they also see me as a friend.”

Mentioning Lee Sun-kyun, the actress said, “I’ve never watched ‘Not Others’ with my husband, but he read the script and said, ‘You’ll do well, it’s going to be a great work’. I think there are some points that he really likes. I wonder if he is watching the drama. As soon as the drama was broadcast, my husband went abroad. He only returned recently so I cannot check it”.

Lee Sun-kyun

A few days later, Lee Sun-kyun also reacted to Jeon Hye-jin’s ‘My oldest son is the biggest problem’ remark during an interview ahead of the movie “Sleep” premiere. According to SPOTV News, Lee Sun-kyun replied to his wife’s remark, saying “That’s what she thinks. I won’t comment anything”, showcasing his pleasant chemistry with his wife.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency HODU&U Entertainment revealed their position regarding the drug allegations against the actor on October 20th. They said, “We are currently confirming the facts regarding the allegation recently raised against actor Lee Sun-kyun. We will sincerely cooperate with any investigations in the future”.

In addition, they said, “Actor Lee Sun-kyun has been blackmailed and received constant threats from A, a person related to the case, and he already submitted a complaint to the investigative agency. In this regard, we will tell you the progress through our legal representative in the future. We ask for your understanding”, adding “We will take strong legal response against the spread of false information and malicious posts.”

Source: Wikitree

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