Jennie spotted at Coachella 2022, will other BLACKPINK members join her? 

What was Jennie doing at Coachella? 

It’s been a long time since BLACKPINK’s last comeback, and their new schedules always gain attention. Recently, Jennie has created a buzz with her new orange hair, and now she continues to drive fans wild because of her appearance at Coachella 2022.

It is still not certain if Jennie dyed her hair orange for BLACKPINK’s comeback or if there are different reasons. After flying to LA and showing up at Gentle Monster’s flagship store, Jennie has yet to have a new public schedule, making fans curious about her activities overseas. 

Jennie Blackpink

On April 17, Jennie was spotted at Coachella 2022. She appeared next to model and social media influencer Fai Khadra, Kendall Jenner’s best friend. Jennie is rumored to attend Coachella to support Daniel Caesar, whose hit song “Best Part” she once covered.

BlackPink Jennie gif

In America, Jennie always seems bolder and more comfortable. She slayed in a bare back top and outstanding orange hair. Fans are hoping Jennie will post photos of her at Coachella on Instagram. 

This is also the second time Jennie appeared at Coachella. 3 years ago, BLACKPINK members heated up the atmosphere with legendary performances at this music festival. Therefore, fans are always looking forward to BLACKPINK’s return to the Coachella stage. 

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