Jennie gets praised for successfully raising the quality of HERA, “She makes HERA look like luxury brands, such as Chanel and Dior”

Jennie recently modeled for HERA’s new product and received compliments from advertisement critics.

Amore Pacific HERA released an advertisement for Silky Stay Foundation modeled by BLACKPINK’s Jennie on the 25th of last month. The advertisement is set in a luxurious hotel and begins with a close-up shot of Jennie sleeping and staring at the camera. Sometimes it switches to the hotel hall with lights on and shows full body shots of Jennie’s going in and out of the room.

In addition, the narration “What time is it?” is repeated and the numbers of time, such as “10:05” and “19:59:59”, appear intermittently. In the scene where Jennie stands in front of the window, the time outside suddenly changes from night to day and back to night. Then the video shows Jennie’s face with the sunset rays.

The advertisement only informs consumers of its product by presenting the line “skin that does not allow you to read time” in its second half. In other words, it introduces the function of the foundation that lasts really long. The video ends with Jennie reading the names of the product and the brand.

Critics of AP Media’s Advertising Review gave 4.2 points to the artistry and auditory of this advertisement, complimenting its sensuous atmosphere with whispering English narration, analog doorbell sound, and clock sound. They also marked 4 points for the effectiveness and suitability of the ads model thanks to the selection of Jennie, who is famous all around the world as a model. The visual category is also high with 3.8 points, while the favorability and creativity categories received 3.6 points. Because of the main goal of the advertisement, clarity scored 3.4 points. The total point for this advertisement video is quite high, at 3.8 points.


They gave particular compliments for the influence of Jennie’s appearance in improving the brand’s quality. Critics said that the effectiveness of having Jennie as the model is really strong, saying that it makes HERA, a domestic brand, look like luxury brands, such as Chanel and Dior. “The model Jennie herself, as well as the preparation of costumes and makeup, make the brand look like luxury brand C. The movie-like organization of scenes and attractive directing were also completed with high quality. The expression of time and related narration are somewhat ambiguous from the beginning to the middle part, making the viewers confused. But the way the impact was maximized through the narration in the second half was good. The message and the model harmonized almost perfectly, improving the brand quality and creating an excellent advertisement.” – Critic Roh Kwang-wook (4.4 points)


“Jennie’s influence is really great. It makes Amore Pacific HERA look like Dior. The interpretation and acceptance will vary depending on the viewers’ points of view, but HERA’s targeted audiences, who know Jenny, will understand the intention of the directing. With only one model, the image of the brand has been upgraded.” – Critic Lee Jung-gu (3.4 points)

“The sustainability of the product was sensibly delivered through the form of this film.The long-lasting effect in a beauty brand product is not a new feature, but through the dreamy visual beauty and the mysterious image of the model, the long-lasting effect was interpreted with HERA’s unique feeling.” – Critic Kim Jong-eun (4 points)


Source: APNews

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