Jay Park scared to take off his shirt because of belly fat, yet reveals abs at Gucci after-party 

The appearances of Jay Park at the after-party for the fashion show Gucci Cruise 2024 is attracting attention. 

On May 16th, the Gucci Cruise 2024 was held near Gyeongbokgung Palace, Geunjeongjeon. After the event concluded, most stars invited to the fashion show attended the after-party held in a nearby building.

Among them, the one who drew the most attention was Jay Park.

In particular, Jay Park transformed into an impressive singer at the after party, performing his songs “GANADARA” and “MOMMAE” live.

jay park

Before singing, he mentioned IU, the featuring artist on “GANADARA”, and said, “IU should be around here, today is her birthday. If you see her, please wish her a happy birthday”.

jay park

Then, as the prelude to “MOMMAE” began, Jay Park took off his shirt and sprayed alcohol into the air, heating up the atmosphere.

Fashion magazines like W Korea, Elle, Dazed, etc. have released onsite videos through SNS, showing that not only Jay Park but also rapper A$AP Rocky (Rihanna’s husband)) performed at the after-party that day.

jay park

Meanwhile, previously on April 21st, Jay Park expressed his concerns in an interview with GQ KOREA, saying, “I’m really worried about how long I have to take off my shirt. My alcohol tolerance has increased, but my waist size has also increased. This is the most belly fat I have had in 2 years.”

Source: Insight

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