Jay Park mentions his departure from 2PM “I was suspended from promoting too”, Lee Seung Gi reacts

Jay Park comfortably brought up his former group 2PM in “Peak Time.” 

In JTBC’s idol survival show “Peak Time”, which aired for the first time on February 15th, 23 teams of idols had time to promote themselves. After the preliminary round, 23 teams that advanced to the finals were selected for the first round.


The teams were divided into three sections. There was a ‘Rookie Section’ of groups that just debuted, a ‘Booster Section’ of groups that are promoting but not well-known, and a ‘Discontinued Section’ of groups that are inactive due to contract termination or military enlistment.


Lee Seung Gi said, “The winning team is given a prize of 300 million won.” Then, Jay Park showed his willingness to participate by saying, “I was also suspended from promoting a long time ago, can I participate there?” Hearing Jay Park’s question, Lee Seung Gi, the host, smiled awkwardly for a moment. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun said, “Jay Park, you’re too old for that,” making everyone laugh.

In addition, the first team was the 14:00 team. When Jay Park heard this, he said, “Oh! 2PM,” and shouted loudly, flustering HIGHLIGHT’s Ki Kwang, Kyuhyun, and WINNER’s Song Mino. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young also said, “It’s been a while since I heard it.”

Source: Nate

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