IVE Rei, “Ahn Yujin ignored me recently”

Rei, a member of girl group IVE, mentioned that fellow member Ahn Yujin recently ignored her message. 

On April 13th, a video titled “Ahn Yujin, who is known for ignoring messages… it seems she does this even to members’ DMs”, was published on the YouTube channel “MMTG”. In the video, the members of girl group IVE can be seen discussing which song was better, “Kitsch” or “I AM”, and Ahn Yujin asked Jaejae for her opinion.


In response, Jaejae mentioned past songs from Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, and T-ara, stating that all of the songs were her “babies” and that she didn’t want to pick just one. Regarding this, Jang Wonyoung told Jaejae to listen to them all.

Meanwhile, when Jaejae said that she would decide on one song, Ahn Yujin shot back, “Didn’t you already decide?”, referring to a listening party where she showed a preference for “I AM.”


Jaejae then looked at the lyrics for Ive’s new song “Kitsch”, and asked the members if they had experienced the pain of receiving no answer after sending an Instagram DM. In response, Rei revealed that Ahn Yujin had recently ignored her message about a funny video.

Then, when Leeseo expressed her surprise, Rei continued, “Look, she read my message and ignored it. She didn’t even watch the video!”

Finally, Jaejae mentioned that Ahn Yujin’s MBTI is ISTP, and questioned if ISTPs are like this. 

Source: Daum

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