IU talks about the shooting of “Dream”, “My cornea was damaged. I was worried about losing cheek fat”

Singer-actress IU revealed behind-the-scenes stories of the filming for the movie “Dream”.

On April 30th, a video titled “Dream PD Somin who has been working hard for 3 years to pursue only one goal”.

It is known as IU got an OK sign at the filming of “Dream” in Hungary without NG. When the staff mentioned it, IU smiled satisfactorily and said, “As soon as I opened my mouth, he said OK”. 

However, she then confessed, “But my eyes really hurt”, revealing that her eyes hurt because of Hungary’s strong ultraviolet rays.

IU continued, “About my condition, it was quite complicated. My mental condition was good. My eyes and legs hurt even though my mind was clear. My face looked a little dry, but my expression was bright”, adding, “It’s great compared to what I was worried about.”

She shared, “The sunlight was too strong, and my eyes hurt a lot. I think my cornea was damaged. Now I understand why people are advised to wear sunglasses when going abroad”, confessing her discomfort once again.

In addition, IU also shared her thoughts ahead of the last shoot, saying “This movie contains my appearance when I was 28, 29, and 30 years old. I’m worried that the cuts shot when I was 28 and 30 might not match because I lost my cheek fat. It was great to continue the filming for a long time. I feel like I’ve gotten closer to everyone.”

Meanwhile, IU is currently meeting the big screen audience through the film “Dream”. It tells about a conceptless former football player, Yoon Hong Dae (Park Seo Joon), and passionless PD Lee So Min (IU), challenging the Homeless World Cup with a national football team with homeless football players.

Source: Nate

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