IU makes netizens think she was invited to join ‘Squid Game’ by an edited photo

A training suit pictorial of IU, which was edited into a ‘Squid Game’ parody, is drawing attention online.

Recently, New Balance unveiled the ‘2021 F/W Campaign Photos’ with their Brand Ambassador IU. She has become the global ambassador for New Balance this season, and this is the promotion photo for New Balance’s second campaign in collaboration with the singer. This collection contains the message, “A journey to find my own light myself.”

In this photoshoot, IU wore a New Balance corduroy track-up jacket. Later, a netizen posted an edited version of IU’s picture. This fan transformed the track-up jacket she wore into the training suit from Netflix’s drama “Squid Game”. As a result, this edited photo is currently attracting great attention in online communities.

In particular, the editor added the number “516” on IU’s clothes and also drew a small wound on her face to make her look like a real “Squid Game” player.

IU received Lee Jung Jae’s “approvement”

This edited photo is being spread widely on various Internet sites, including the SLR club. In addition, “516” is believed to have been derived from IU’s birthday, which is May 16.

Source: Nate

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