“Decision to Leave” Kim Shin-young: Dating rumor with Oh My Girl’s Jiho → Mentioning her ex-lover whom she dated for 8 years

Comedian Kim Shin-young, who was recently involved in romantic relationship controversies, successfully debuted as an actress through Park Chan-wook’s movie “Decision to Leave”

In MBC FM4U’s Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope”, which aired on June 30th, Kim Shin-young told her love story while communicating with radio listeners. She said, I dated my ex-lover for 8 years and 9 months”, adding “We’re not meant to be. I think it’s time to focus on my life”.

Kim Shin-young

She continued, “I was surrounded by rumors that are as sharp as awls but I endured them well. I have no regret since I do everything with all my best every moment.”

“Rumors that are as sharp as awls” Kim Shin-young mentioned might be malicious rumors that she already denied on her radio, such as “the controversial video” and the “dating rumor with Oh My Girl’s Jiho”.

Previously in May, a Youtuber spread the rumor that Kim Shin-young and Oh My Girl’s Ji-ho was in a romantic relationship. In response, Kim Shin-young said, “Some ridiculous rumors and speculations were created. I don’t know that I have such attraction. And most importantly, the rumor is not true”.

Regarding the indiscriminate distribution of an obscene video called “Kim Shin-young video” 6 years ago, Kim Shin-young responded coolly, “I don’t need to film anything like that. I’m a lonely person. Only stars are in trouble and I guess I’m going to do well this year.”

Kim Shin-young

Kim Shin-young has actively explained rumors surrounding her and revealed her past relationship in a cool way. Attention is focused on how she will prove her presence in the future after receiving compliments for her stable acting skills in “Decision to Leave”, which has just been released on June 29th.

Source: daum

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