“It’s awkward alone”, BLACKPINK Jisoo reveals messages from Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa 

BLACKPINK member Jisoo expressed gratitude for the support messages from her fellow members ahead of solo debut.

On March 31st at 12:00 PM (KST), Jisoo hosted a live countdown for her first single album “ME” through BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel.


On this day, Jisoo greeted everyone, saying, “It’s awkward and embarrassing to do this alone since I’ve always been with the members,” and “I heard there are messages from the members here.”

Then, BLACKPINK members’ messages of support addressed to Jisoo regarding her solo were played.

First, Jennie congratulated Jisoo on the solo debut, saying, “I’m proud of our eldest sister, Jisoo, for her wonderful solo. I’m even more proud since it took a long time. You’ve worked hard alone during your busy schedule. It seems like we always have busy times, but good things will come as well. You’ve been through a lot.”


Lisa followed by saying, “Finally, congratulations on your release. We’ve always been together so it must be lonely without us during your solo activities, but you’re always good on your own, so don’t worry. I’ll do my best to support you from the side. I know it was hard to prepare for the solo album while on tour, but I hope you stay strong until the end.”

Finally, Rosé said, “Didn’t I tell you while monitoring the music video set that it was so cool? Watching you from the side, my heart fluttered about music again, and I was so happy. You’ve worked so hard preparing for this. Let’s make ‘ME’ a big hit.”

Meanwhile, Jisoo’s first solo album “ME” showcases her strong ambitions and confidence. The album holds a double meaning as it represents both the unique color of Jisoo, who will be reborn as a solo artist (ME), and her inherent beauty (美). Both the music and visual elements serve to maximize Jisoo’s charm.


At the same time, Jisoo’s identity as a solo artist will unfold with the title track “Flower”. The unique sound of the bass is accompanied by minimal arrangements, while the lyrics and melody lines harmonize beautifully with Jisoo’s unique vocals. The song’s dreamy atmosphere is also expected to be highly addictive.

On the other hand, “ME” and the title track “Flower” will be released on March 31st at 1 PM (KST). 

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