Junghwan (TREASURE) is confirmed to test positive for COVID-19

Fans are extremely worried when one more TREASURE member is infected with the coronavirus.

On July 16, YG Entertainment announced that Junghwan (TREASURE) tested positive for COVID-19.

Junghwan (TREASURE) is confirmed to test positive for COVID-19

Specifically, YG made the following announcement:  “Junghwan (TREASURE) was confirmed positive for COVID-19. Initial test results were negative, but during the quarantine period, Junghwan repeatedly tested himself through PCR test kits and was later diagnosed positive”.

Yesterday (July 15), Doyoung was also informed that she tested positive for COVID-19.  Thus, 2 TREASURE members were infected with the virus while it was previously reported that the members, except Doyoung, had negative results.  This news makes fans more worried than ever for the health of the rest of the members as well as Doyoung and Junghwan.

Currently, fans are praying together for Junghwan to recover soon and send their love to the male idol by trending the hashtag #GetWellSoonJungHwan. Currently, this hashtag is at No.1 top trending Twitter worldwide.

Get well soon, Junghwan and Doyoung! 

Source: Naver

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