“Girls Planet 999” Ito Miyu reportedly coming to Korea and preparing to debut in a girl group under “Kep1er” Kang Ye-seo and Mashiro’s agency

Ito Miyu, a former “Girls Planet 999” contestant, will come to Korea to debut as a KPOP girl group member again.

Ito Miyu

According to officials in the music industry on January 14th, Ito Miyu will enter Korea on January 16th and begin preparing for her official debut.

Ito Miyu competed as a member of J Group (Japanese Group) in Mnet’s idol survival program “Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga”, which ended in October last year. “Girls Planet 999” shows 99 trainees from 3 countries (Korea, China, Japan) competing with each other to be selected as members of a project girl group. Through this program, the 9-member girl group Kep1er, which has just debuted this month, was formed.

Ito Miyu

Born in 2003, Ito Miyu used to work as a model in Japan. Although she couldn’t join Kep1er, she left a strong impression on KPOP fans in Korea and worldwide with her splendid visual and various charms revealed through “Girls Planet 999”.

Ito Miyu signed an exclusive contract with the Korean record label 143 Entertainment after “Girls Planet 999” ended. This news attracted keen attention as this company is also managing Sakamoto Mashiro and Kang Ye-seo, who debuted as members of Kep1er.

Ito Miyu

It is said to have been confirmed that Ito Miyu will join and debut in the new girl group scheduled to be launched by 142 Entertainment at the end of this year. After entering Korea, she will spend a quarantine period following the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. Then she will start preparing for her debut in earnest.

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