“It looks expensive…” G-Dragon, whose style has completely changed, even puts “this” in his teeth

As boy group Big Bang made a comeback with a new song after 4 years, the accessories worn by G-Dragon drew netizens’ attention.


On April 5th, a post titled “G-Dragon put on grills” was uploaded on the online community theqoo. The post included a photo of G-Dragon wearing grills on his teeth.


Netizens who saw the picture left comments such as “How do you brush your teeth?”, “Is that going to be fashionable now?” and “It looks expensive.”


Meanwhile, “Still Life” released by Big Bang on April 5th topped iTunes in 33 regions as well as the worldwide category immediately after its release, followed by Melon, QQ Music and Line Music, the largest music sites in Korea, China and Japan.

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