Is BLACKPINK’s Lisa the ugliest female idol?

A post titled “Top 10 Ugly Female Idols by my standards” appeared on TikTok and quickly became a hot topic.

These days on TikTok, the trend of ranking the prettiest female idols by personal standards has become viral. However, on February 6th, a post of ranking the ugly female idol by a TikTokker named ‘아이브원영이’ immediately caught people’s attention.

BLACKPINK's Lisa the ugliest female idol
아이브원영이’s TikTok screen capture

According to the ranking of this TikTokker, who seems to be a fan of IVE member Jang Won-young, popular girl group members such as Wendy (rank 13th), JYP Itzy’s Yeji (rank 11th), Chaeryeong (rank 10th), Brave Girls’ Minyoung (rank 8th), etc. are all included. Also, GFriend’s former member Umji is in 6th place and Mamamoo’s Hwasa is in 5th place. 

The members of top idol groups are also included in the list. aespa’s Japanese member Giselle ranked fourth, and (G)I-DLE’s leader Soyeon ranked third. In second place is IVE’s member Ahn Yu-jin. Ahn Yu-jin, along with Jang Won-young, is a big idol who has taken the elite course of the idol world from Produce 101 to IZ*ONE to the current IVE. She was also at the top during the days of IZ*ONE and is now one of the two key members grabbing the most attention of the hottest new girl group IVE.

Lastly, BLACKPINK’s Thai member Lisa topped the list of the ugliest female idols. Lisa has more than 73 million Instagram followers, which means she is the user with the 41st most followers in the world and the highest among BLACKPINK members who are gaining worldwide popularity, as well as among Korean female celebrities. Even Blackpink’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ music video has recently surpassed 1.8 billion views on YouTube. Since this Lisa was chosen as the ugliest female idol, fans are paying more attention.

BLACKPINK's Lisa the ugliest female idol
아이브원영이’s TikTok screen capture

The reactions in the comment section are mostly absurd. Most of the reviews say that the ranking of pretty female idols is clear. There were many comments saying ‘I think that this is a pretty ranking’, ‘I was just jealous,’ and ‘There are only pretty idols from start to finish’, etc.

In particular, if a member of a girl group they like is on the ugly list, they will give a sharp reaction or an active defense. ‘Lisa is ugly?’, ‘Don’t touch Lisa’, ‘Umji’s really pretty in real life’, ‘Soyeon is so pretty’, ‘How charming is our Giselle’, ‘How pretty are you?’ etc.

This is the first and currently only post of the account 아이브원영이, but it seems to have succeeded in attracting attention. In less than a day, it has garnered more than 7000 hearts and 4300 comments.

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