Impressive effect and numbers due to BlackPink comeback announcement!

On the morning of June 10, after a long time of letting fans wait, YG finally set an official comeback date for BlackPink. 

Specifically, the group will release a pre-release single at 6 pm KST on June 26.  It seems that the public’s anticipation for BlackPink is huge because with just a simple poster revealing the comeback date, the YG girl group created a series of effects that followed

The comeback announcement on the official Twitter account of BlackPink quickly reached 100,000 likes and 100,000 retweets in just half an hour. The group has become the fastest female group to do this in Kpop ever.  2 hashtags for the comeback teaser are #BLACKPINKisComing and #BLACKPINKcomeback topped the worldwide trending on Twitter with at # 1 and # 2 respectively.  In the US alone, the hashtag #BLACKPINKisComing has also reached # 1.

 The keyword “BlackPink” has quickly reached the top search on Melon, currently in 3rd place and still tends to increase.  At Weibo, the keyword “BLACKPINK comeback date” also climbs on the hot search and is currently in the top 17. BlackPink’s latest song Kill This Love has unexpectedly returned to Genie’s real-time chart, ranked 180 after nearly 15 months of release.

 Especially, the status of YG stock must be mentioned especially after the information of BlackPink comeback.  After a period of continuous decline due to irresponsible treatment for BlackPink, YG’s stock suddenly skyrocketed, following a nearly vertical line only after the comeback teaser poster was released.  With many effects and especially the increase of stock price, BlackPink fans hope that YG will “open their eyes” and change the way to manage BlackPink and treat the company’s “golden goose” well.

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