iKON Koo Junhoe unfollowed Yang Hyunsuk on Instagtram

It has been confirmed that Koo Junhoe, a member of iKON, has unfollowed Yang Hyunsuk, the former chief producer of his agency YG Entertainment, on Instagram.

According to Koo’s Instagram account’s followed list as of June 25th, there is no name of Yang Hyunsuk. On the other hand, other iKON members Kim Jinhwan, BOBBY, Song Yunhyung, Kim Donghyuk and Jeong Chanwoo were found to be still following Yang Hyun-suk. As a result, questions are growing as to why only Koo Junhoe unfollowed his former chief producer.

Koo Junhoe opened an account on Instagram on Jan 27 last year. In the early days of the opening, it was known that he had only one followed account and that account was YG CEO Yang Hyunsuk, drawing attention from fans. Currently, Koo is following a total of 15 people on Instagram including all members of iKON and their ex-member B.I.

YG’s former chief producer Yang Hyunsuk once showed his support for iKON’s SNS activities. On Jan 28th last year, Yang Hyunsuk personally marked the start of the iKON’s personal SNS activities by posting a photo of him following all accounts of iKON’s members on his Instagram account with a caption, “#iKON #Personal_Instagram_Start # New_Follower_Brothers?_Friends? Ah…It’s ambiguous.”

Meanwhile, iKON, to which Koo belongs, will continue its activities as a six-member group after the departure of their former leader B.I.

Source: nate

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