“If You Wish Upon Me” Choi Soo-young “I want the emotions I felt while filming to be conveyed to viewers”

Actress Choi Soo-young talked about “If You Wish Upon Me”, “It’s a very healing work while filming.”

Choi Soo-young perfectly digested the role of Seo Yeon-joo, an energizer nurse at hospice hospital, in KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me” (directed by Kim Yong-wan, written by Jo Ryeong-soo, produced by A&E Networks Korea (investment), Climax Studios).

In particular, Choi Soo-young received favorable reviews for her high synchronization with the character, rich emotional acting and extraordinary chemistry with other actors. Accordingly, she expressed her feelings about the end of “If You Wish Upon Me” through her agency Saram Entertainment on Sep 30th.

First of all, Choi Soo-young said, “It was a very healing work while filming. I remembered pleasant memories on set the whole time I was watching the drama. This made me feel happy and miss the work so much. I want the emotions I felt while filming to be conveyed to viewers as well.”

She said that Seo Yeon-joo seemed to be a character that gave vitality to both the hospital and the drama. She added, “So while filming,I felt a sense of responsibility to blow vibrancy into the work. I even worked on making scenes in which I was just a passerby more fun and energetic on set. I was proud that the parts I cared so much about were helpful to the drama.”

When asked about the atmosphere of the filming site, she replied, “Every scene was a fun scene as if Team Genie was going on a trip. I hope I have a chance to meet treasure-like actors and seniors once again.” She said goodbye to viewers, “Thank you for being with us until the end. Each episode of our drama has a message. I hope you will think of ‘If You Wish Upon Me’ at odd times.”

Meanwhile, Choi Soo-young will return with MBC’s new drama “Please Send A Fan Letter”, which is scheduled to premiere in November.

Source: daum

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