Iconic childhood moments of female idols ft. BLACKPINK’s Jennie, ITZY’s Ryujin, and more

Fans are loving these childhood photos of K-pop female idols.

Always looking stunning on stage with unmatched aura, these girl group members also had mischievous, playful moments during their childhood.

jennie nayeon

Ryujin’s childhood photos recently became a hot topic because of how cute and playful she looked. Ryujin’s facial features have barely changed even after growing up. If the current Ryujin is known for her attractive aura and stage presence, baby Ryujin can’t stop making fans laugh with her expressions. 

On “Knowing Bros”, Ryujin once revealed an unforgettable childhood story. She once used a spoon to drink water in the bathroom and got caught by her mother.

Ryujin’s clear features when she was a kid
itzy ryujin charles and keith
Ryujin in 2022 

Jennie creates a buzz every time her childhood photos are released. It can be seen that Jennie has been a fashionista since even before she became a celebrity. She also posed like a professional model back then, making fans not only find her cute but also admirable.

Jennie had a model aura when she was little

When she was studying abroad in New Zealand, she once injured her hand because she was trying to catch a can. The scenes of Jennie cooking at school also appeared on TV and became a meme for fans.

Jennie during her school days
jennie elle
Jennie with her trademark chic charm at the moment 

Past photos of New Jeans’ Hannie also drew much attention from fans when they were dropped on social media ahead of the group’s debut. Hannie’s overflowing cuteness and playfulness in every photo melts fans’ hearts. It looks like Hannie has developed a love for music since she was very young. 

Hanni Newjeans

TWICE also has many iconic childhood photos. Not only have they been beautiful since they were young, TWICE members have also been “chaotic” since pre-debut.

twice tzuyu chilhood photo
Tzuyu’s top visuals since childhood
twice momo chilhood photo
Momo’s playful childhood pictures
twice nayeon chilhood photo
Nayeon’s signature bunny smile

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