“I was in a video call fansign with Junho of 2PM but everything went down the drain”

The story of a fan being suspended during her video call fansign event with 2PM Junho is drawing attention.

Recently, a Twitter account posted that she was hung up on because she raised her hand during a video call fansign event in Japan with 2PM Junho.

The female fan complained, “I was saying to him that ‘I have three things I wanted to do for you when I met you,’ and expressing number 3 with my hand, but the video call was cut off right away.”

Netizens who saw this responded, “Actually, the fansign events in Japan are very sensitive to that,” “It turns out that that fan was recording that video call,” and “Originally, recording the call during video call fansign is prohibited.”

Other fans also left comments such as “Did they really hang up right away because you raised your hand?” “She must have done a lot to apply and waited for that, what a bummer,” “They hung the call so sharply,” “I think I would get hit with reality later if that was me,” and “Everything went down the drain.”

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