“I lost the meaning of life,” Hwang Ha-na, who was imprisoned on drug-related charges, revealed her unexpected current life

Hwang Ha-na, an influencer and granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products, revealed her current situation. 

According to Naver Webtoon’s Challenge Webtoon website on August 18th, a webtoon titled “2045 (Any Star DNA)” has been posted since July 13th. Hwang Ha-na draws the webtoon and her father Hwang Jae-pil was in charge of the story.

Hwang Jae-pil said on his Instagram, “My daughter, who is losing the meaning of life after severe trial and error, has only paper and mechanical pencils left, with which she started to draw,” adding, “I started to think I want to challenge making a webtoon with my daughter as I saw the drawings she enclosed in her letters from time to time.”

hwang hana

He then said, “I lightly adapted the 300-page ‘Unique’ (storyboard title) that I wrote nine years ago to suit as a webtoon and sent it to my daughter,” adding, “My daughter read the storyboard and drew according to the accompanying image.”

Hwang Ha-na is singer and actor Park Yoo-chun’s ex-girlfriend. Park Yoo-chun announced in April 2017 that he and Hwang Ha-na would soon get married. The two tried to hold a wedding in September 2017, but suddenly postponed the ceremony, and in the following year, May 2018, they announced their breakup.

hwang hana

Later, the news of Hwang Ha-na’s marriage was reported. Hwang’s husband, Oh, committed an extreme choice after being investigated by the police for taking and selling drugs. Hwang Ha-na and her husband had only registered their marriage without holding a wedding ceremony.

hwang hana

Currently, Hwang was indicted on charges of administering methamphetamine three times between May and September 2015 in Gangnam, Seoul, and was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation in 2019. However, she was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for taking drugs again during the probation period and was arrested.

Source: Wikitree

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